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Neither does the majority of the Internet — a fact that must upset Microsoft. In the last 14 years, Google has snapped up the vast majority of the search market by being the fastest, cleanest, most accurate way to search. Здесь вы найдете множество полезных статей и полезных программ. У нас вы найдете сервера, патчи, дополнения, шаблоны для сайтов и статьи по настройке сервера. Ugh. Why is this a part of Windows Update? I imagine a number of people might download this by mistake, thinking it is an actual app or something useful. It’s not. Some may debate whether Google is still the best, but I can’t imagine Bing is going to win any points today. On Monday, Microsoft pushed out a new optional update to Windows Update manager: Bing Desktop.

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