Nikon d5100video инструкция

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Chromatic aberration was often visible, however, along high contrast edges. In our lab’s subjective image tests, the D5100 earned a word score of Very Good for exposure, Good for both color and sharpness, and Superior for distortion. This can be a little challenging at first, but after a while you will have a complete understanding of how each change affects your exposure, which will, in turn, improve the way that you use the other modes. Drop-off from six feet to twenty feet was negligible. Unfortunately, it also picks up operator and camera noise such as breathing, walking, button pushing and zoom and focus action from the lens. The top left jack is the Accessory port, which allows geotagging of still images when a GP1 GPS unit is attached (not applicable to movies), or remote shutter release with the MC-DC2 remote cord. Think of a picnic outdoors in a partial shade/sun environment. I want great-looking pictures, but I’m not looking for anything to hang in a museum. If that’s the scenario, why choose Program over one of the scene modes?

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