Nikon d5100video инструкция

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These functions are accessed from the Playback mode’s Retouch menu. Недостатки: Nikon D5100 kit (18-55mm VR) имеет громкий автоматический фокус; медленная фокусировка при слабом освещении; слабая фокусировка при съемке видео. Most important, however, shooting with the camera feels fast and fluid; I never felt like the autofocus or processing overhead got in the way of getting the shot. We’re used to Canon and Nikon leapfrogging each other in terms of product announcement timing and technology updates, but this year they’re finally going head-to-head in the budget dSLR market. That’s truly a shame, as not only is it an excellent way to learn your photography basics, but it’s also an essential tool to have in your photographic bag of tricks. Используйте этот режим при съемке неподвижных объектовНормальная (узкая) область автофокуса.

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